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Hidenori Kobayashi



Nice to meet you, I'm Hidenori Kobayashi.
Thank you for visiting our website.

On this site, I would like to introduce my activities, values, thoughts, etc. for the purpose of enlightening correct information on "orthodontics" and nurturing junior medical professionals.

What is "correction"?
Although it is a treatment to straighten teeth,
The reality is that even in the same case, each person has a different problem.

In addition to proposing a treatment plan that suits each patient, we place top priority on communication with the patient.

Orthodontic treatment does not end with shaving and filling one tooth.
It takes an average of two years to completely move and rebuild each tooth.
In some people, crooked teeth can lead to systemic problems.
Conversely, orthodontic treatment can have a negative impact on the patient's daily life.
For patients, even after treatment, they will live their lives for 50 to 60 years with their own teeth. I also think that it is to carry the life of that person.

That's why I feel more than anything else the importance of continuing to learn for the rest of my life.
I believe that passing on my experience and knowledge to the next generation will also lead to the creation of a better medical environment.

The past is destiny, the future is possibility. I think life goes by faster than I thought.
It wasn't until I turned 40 that I realized the meaning of life without regrets.

Training takes time and energy, but we are working with the hope that the younger generation who will be responsible for the future will feel the same way.

If I can be of any assistance to you,
I would appreciate it if you could have a voice by all means.

I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement to Hidenori Kobayashi.

Thank you.


Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from Nippon Dental University in 2000. After working at an orthodontic clinic, etc., worked at Muraoka Orthodontic Clinic and assumed the position of representative. While in charge of orthodontic treatment as an orthodontist, he is also active in lectures for dentists, media appearances, and writing. A doctor certified by the Japanese Orthodontic Society. A doctor certified by the Japanese Society of Occlusion. Invisalign certified doctor. Incognito certified doctor.


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Born in Asakusa

Influenced by his father who was a dental technician, he aimed to become a dentist.

Graduated from Nippon Dental University

Nippon Dental University Hospital Clinical Resident,

After working at Kanagawa Dental University Orthodontic Department, worked at Muraoka Orthodontic Clinic

Featured in Yomiuri Weekly "650 Reliable Orthodontists"
27,000 orthodontic clinics nationwide,

Selected as one of 650 trusted orthodontists among orthodontists. (Dozens in Chiba Prefecture)

Published in dental magazine "Dental Product News"
With the theme of "Effective use of OP LASER during orthodontic treatment"

Writing about how to use laser equipment in orthodontic treatment

Chiba TV "Super Doctor" appearance
Introduced as an orthodontic treatment professional for 3 days on a medical program.

Appeared on TOKYO MX live broadcast "Hiru Kyun!"
Appeared on the theme of "What is an unexpected disease caused by occlusion?"

Enlighten the co-stars Minami Tanaka, Ippei Kanie, and Anmika about the wonders of orthodontic treatment.

Appeared in TOKYO MX "Shigoto Techo"
Former "CoCo" member Rieko Miura serves as the official narrator for this program that introduces the style of work. The focus is on the way of thinking including on and off as an orthodontist.

Incorporated the clinic as “Medical Corporation Hijirikai”. Appointed as chairman

Published in "THE JAPAN TIMES".

"Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version" My guidepost

~ Messages from leaders to the future of JapanPosted in

Overseas lecture
Lectured at "Orthodontists educational program 3M excellere" held in Hangzhou, China from May 27th to 29th.
Many orthodontists gathered from America, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, China, etc.

Featured in Newsweek magazine "Challenger"

Published in the health newspaper "Kenkatsu Techo" published by Sankei Shimbun

Web lecture at Carriere Symposium

Interviewed by Invisalign Japan

Lecture on "Invisalign"

Over 800 dentists and dental professionalsLecture at "Japan Forum 2022" in which

Lecture at "Web Seminar Hosted by 3M"
With the theme of "the core of clinic management that considers orthodontic treatment from the perspective of efficiency"

More than 460 teachers participated.

At the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
For pediatric dentists

Lecture on the theme of "The Evolution of Clinics in Invisalign First".

member organizations

- Affiliation - 

Japanese Orthodontic Society

Tokyo Orthodontic Society

Japanese Society of Maxillomandibular Occlusion

Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry

Japanese Lingual Orthodontic Society

Japan Anti-Aging Dental Society

Japanese non-extraction orthodontic society


(= WFO: World Federation of Orthodontists)

American Association of Orthodontists

(=AAO: American Orthodontic Association)

Shintsudanuma Dental Clinic

Shintsudanuma Dental Clinic Kanade no Mori

- Qualifications -

Japanese Orthodontic Society Certified Doctor

Japanese Society of Maxillomandibular Dentistry Certified Physician

Invisalign Certified Doctor

Incognito Certified Doctor

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